The subscription box that helps her fight cancer.


Cancer fights dirty. It's scary. It's not fair. It hurts. It demands mental toughness and grit.

MINDSET IMPACTS OUTCOMES. It's THAT important. That's why we curate mindset boxes delivered once or monthly throughout her battle. We exist for her. So she can think like a survivor. So she can act like a survivor. Because you care and so do we.
Every month the fighter you love will receive a mindset box packed with inspiration, encouragement, and grit. She will know you are with her every step of the way. Sent on your behalf and delivered every month to strengthen her mindset, lift her spirits and return a smile to her face. Flowers wither and fruit goes bad, but giving the gift of mental toughness is a game changer.  


Signature Hope Box



The HOPE box FEATURes Becoming Ovary Jones: How to fight cancer without losing your mind, Hope Changes Everything focus card, I have today and today I'm a survivor activity, beautiful fighter concentration keepsake, soothing cherry heating pad, and I can-cer-vive notebook.

Monthly Power Surge



THE UNLIMITED SUBSCRIPTION allows you to keep the power coming. 


BECOMING OVARY JONES HOPE BOX followed by the Box of Miracles in month two, then the Power Vibes Box.  One of our favorite boxes is the Renegade Box sent in the fourth month of subscription. She will be putting on her moxie with her mid year box. The Bring the Heat box soothes the soul. The Courage for Champs Box is sure to lift her spirits and deliver a hug. I have today and today I'm a survivor shows up in the Make A Difference Box. The boxes to continue reminding her how much you care and how strong and beautiful she is.  

Best Selling Book


Designed to strengthen your inner warrior, Becoming Ovary Jones offers 25 life-prolonging lessons to challenge and expand your thoughts, along with concrete "Actionable Hopes"--actions every cancer fighter can take to bolster their courage and reclaim their healing mentality. 


Mission: Changing the way the cancer battle is fought by strengthening the mental game with monthly care packages and online resources full of encouragement, empowerment, and actionable hope