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Ultimate guide for fighting cancer

Help your loved one discover how to strengthen her inner warrior. This is absolutely critical, because mindset impacts outcomes. 




  • 25 life-prolonging survivor lessons

  • Empowering activities every patient can do to strengthen her healing mindset

  • Tips and ideas that make fighting cancer easier

  • And most importantly, hope

This book contains:

Angie Moss

This book is clearly written from the first hand perspective of a strong woman who just happens to be a fierce cancer survivor. The book contains so many practical ideas.but is written in a comfortable, relaxed manner. This is a must for anyone facing a serious illness because mindset really does affect outcomes.


Donna, Survivor and Ovary Jones Fan

“I honestly didn’t think I had the will to fight.

The story of Ovary Jones inspired me to keep

going. With tears in my eyes and gratitude in

my heart, THANK YOU! I still get to fight!

Raynne Dae

I could not put this book down. Melanie is a shining example of how overcome one of the worst things that could happen to someone. It was wonderful to see that she never lost her faith.

Introducing Becoming Ovary Jones and Together We Box

Two resources created by one resilient survivor. 

Someone you love

is fighting cancer.

You can help.


Want to do more...

Together We Box is a monthly mindset subscription service delivered directly to her door. Every box is packed with gifts to encourage her, ideas to inspire her, and activities designed to strengthen her inner warrior. When you set up a simple subscription for her, we send a fighter mindset box on your behalf every month so she knows you are in the fight with her every step of the way. Together We Box is creating a revolution in cancer treatment, strengthening the fighter's mindset until we finally find a cure.

You can help

in a powerful way

Packed with gifts to encourage her, ideas to inspire her, and activities designed to strengthen her inner warrior. Join the fight with the fighter you love and make a difference.


We box for you to coach her through all the twists and turns of her battle letting her know you're in her corner believing in her every day

* Contents vary. 

Every month, mindset boxes are packed with gifts, encouragement, and inspiration carefully selected for cancer patients. For example, did you know the microwaveable heating pads filled with beans or rice that we all seem to have are prone to mold? I didn't and I was hugging that thing all through chemo! That's why the first box includes a beautiful hot/cold therapy pillow that is mold resistant. 

Curious about the other gifts? We find fighter-friendly (non-toxic) luxurious spa sensations, artisan treats, inspirational jewelry, and unique, creative keepsakes she will cherish. Most importantly, every box is designed with activities and inspiration designed to foster the healing mindset she needs right now. 

Love included

The most important gift for cancer patients

"I wanted to help but I didn't know how. These boxes were the perfect solution. They gave her something to look forward to every month."

Monthly Support and Inspiration

Keep the power coming. After the signature box, she will look forward to a new box packed with love and power every month. The battle is long, keep the reinforcement coming. Cancel any time.




Signature Hope Box (one time gift)

This is the Ovary Jones original box which includes a signed copy of the book along with other gifts and inspiration designed to strengthen the mind and soothe the soul.

Free shipping (Continental United States)

About the Founder

I know what it's like to hear those awful words. You've got cancer. Cancer fights dirty. It's scary. It's not fair. It demands mental toughness and grit. Cancer patients know everybody wants to help. The problem is flowers wither and fruit goes bad. Personally, I appreciated the thoughtfulness, but the battle was long and I didn't want to burden anybody, but I needed a steady diet of encouragement and inspiration. That's why we curate the subscription box that empowers warriors every month.  



When business performance coach Melanie Holscher learned she had stage 4 ovarian cancer, it sounded more like a sentence than a diagnosis. And fighting the disease demanded more than she thought she could give. 

Waiting for doctors. Waiting for test results. Waiting to see how her body would respond to treatment. The uncertainty was terrifying, and her mind slipped into unfamiliar darkness.

But Holscher was determined to fight back. Tapping into the same coaching techniques that helped thousands of business professionals, she ratcheted up her mental game and prepared herself to overcome the greatest challenge she had ever faced.


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Change the way the cancer battle was fought by strengthening the fighter's mindset with monthly care packages and online resources full of encouragement, empowerment, and actionable hope. 


Tap in to the power of a positive community. I knew it was important to have a support group; however, sometimes it was just gough getting out of the house. That's why we created our FaceBook

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